Convenient 12-hour dosing with SEGLENTIS1

Initiating treatment

Patients should take 2 tablets of SEGLENTIS every 12 hours as needed for acute pain. Each pill contains 56-mg celecoxib and 44-mg tramadol hydrochloride (equivalent to 39-mg tramadol), equaling to 224-mg celecoxib and 176-mg tramadol hydrochloride at the full dose of 4 pills daily.

When initiating treatment with SEGLENTIS, keep in mind:

  • The patient’s severity of pain
  • Patient response
  • Prior analgesic treatment experience

Important dosage and administration instructions1

  • Do not exceed the recommended dose for SEGLENTIS
  • Do not coadminister SEGLENTIS with other tramadol or celecoxib containing products
  • Use SEGLENTIS for the shortest duration consistent with individual patient treatment goals
  • Monitor patients closely for respiratory depression, especially within the first 24-72 hours of initiating therapy

Discontinuing treatment

Because opioids like SEGLENTIS can lead to physical dependence or addiction, withdrawal syndrome may occur if the treatment is abruptly discontinued.1

  • Symptoms of this syndrome may include restlessness, lacrimation, rhinorrhea, yawning, perspiration, chills, myalgia, and mydriasis
  • Other symptoms may include irritability, anxiety, backache, joint pain, weakness, abdominal cramps, insomnia, nausea, anorexia, vomiting, diarrhea, or increased blood pressure, respiratory rate, or heart rate

If it is deemed appropriate to decrease the dose or discontinue therapy in an opioid‐dependent patient taking SEGLENTIS, consider the following1:

  • The total daily dose of opioid (including SEGLENTIS) the patient has been taking
  • The duration of treatment
  • The type of pain being treated
  • The physical and psychological attributes of the patient


To taper dosage for patients on SEGLENTIS who are physically opioid-dependent:

  • Initiate the taper by reducing the daily opioid dosage by no more than 10%-25% to avoid withdrawal symptoms
  • Proceed by incrementally lowering the dose at intervals of every 2 to 4 weeks
  • Note that patients who have been taking opioids for briefer periods of time may tolerate a more rapid taper
  • Provide your patients with a dose tapering schedule of SEGLENTIS to help accomplish a successful taper
  • Continually reassess and check in with your patient to help manage pain and withdrawal symptoms

Please read Important Safety Information continued throughout and full Prescribing Information.

Abuse and dependence

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