SEGLENTIS is a unique co-crystal that contains 4 complementary mechanisms of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties in 1 tablet1,2

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SEGLENTIS is a unique, single-phase crystalline entity comprising celecoxib and tramadol hydrochloride in a 1:1 molecular and 1.27:1 weight ratio, unlike a standard fixed dose or coadministration of individual agents.

A unique network of key hydrogen bonds forms the SEGLENTIS co-crystal

SEGLENTIS leverages 4 complementary mechanisms of analgesia in the central and peripheral pathways1,2

The effect of celecoxib is believed to be due to3:


Inhibition of COX-2


The effect of celecoxib is
believed to be due to3:


Inhibition of COX-2


The effect of tramadol is believed to be due to4:


Weak inhibition of serotonin reuptake


Partial agonism of μ-opioid receptor


Weak inhibition of norepinephrine reuptake

The tramadol hydrochloride mechanism of action is not completely understood. The M1 metabolite is primarily responsible for the analgesic effect on the μ-opioid receptor.4

API, active pharmaceutical ingredient.

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data for SEGLENTIS1

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